The Role of Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for
the management of all phases of a project, its outcome and its on-going success after implementation.

What is the Role of the Project Manager ? by PROJECT A LA CARTE
The Project Manager role is critical as the Project Manager has full responsibility and accountability for the project: they should manage a project 'as if it was their own business' (Neal Whitten, "The EnterPrize Organization")

Here’s what Project Managers are generally responsible for:
   • define project roles and responsibilities
   • manage all tasks, schedules and budgets
   • perform project tracking
   • coordinate all communications
   • perform risk management
   • coach and mentor team members and junior project
   • report project status and present to top management

Here are the skills that a good Project Manager should possess:
   • Extremely organized, diligent, detail-oriented and self-motivated
   • Process-oriented thinking
   • Proven ability to execute
   • Ability to multi-task and manage multiple projects start to
    conclusion, on time and on budget
   • Willing to work hard and put extra effort forth to meet deadlines
    and exceed client expectations
   • Formal project management process and methodology
   • Exceptional interpersonal skills
   • Strong writing and communications skills
   • Proficiency in MS Office and MS Project

The Project Management Professional (PMPฎ) Credential
    • Individuals who hold PMI’s PMP credential demonstrate a    proficient level of project management leadership skills and, as a    result, are able to command salaries that exceed those of their    non-credentialed counterparts.

   • To be eligible for a PMP credential, you must meet specific  guidelines that objectively measure experience, education and    professional knowledge. You also must agree to adhere to the PMI    Code of Ethics and pass a rigorous examination that assesses your    abilities in project management.

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